Just Girls

About Us

Just Girls was formed by a group of girls who had been Girl Scouts together in Buffalo Gap and Tuscola, Texas for approximately 6 years. During their Girls Scout years they learned a lot about the 0rganization’s founder, Juliette Low. The girls learned that on a trip to England, Juliette Low met with the newly formed group of Girl Guides and upon returning to the United States she began Girl Scouts.

Through much discussion this group of Girl Scouts from a small town in Texas decided they could be like Juliette Low and form their own group. On October 5, 2004 the first Just Girls meeting was held.

Currently, the girls attend weekly meetings where they work on activities to complete specific projects that they choose as a group. Just Girls also contributes many hours to community service. They also earn money through fundraising efforts to take group trips. For more information on the specific projects, community service activities and group trips, visit our “Activities” and “Service” pages.


New Shirts for the New Group

All groups are recognized by their group uniform and Just Girls needed uniform shirts. They had been using worn plain red t-shirts with small iron-on letters spelling out “Just Girls” across the back. The shirts were ok, but this new group needed new shirts so they could be recognized.

The girls made a list of businesses in the area they wanted to approach about sponsoring them. Next the girls all wrote letters explaining who their new group was and their need for shirts. The letters explained to the businesses that if they would sponsor the group so that shirts could be purchased, their business name would be printed on the back of the shirts. This was a great way of advertising for the businesses. After the letter’s were written, the girls took turns signing them all, then divided into groups and went to meet with the business owners.

One girl was chosen from each group to be the spokes-girls and talk directly to either the owner or the manager of each business. The girls explained their purpose for being there, handed them the letter and asked for a reply as soon as possible. The girls were excited to hear that 15 businesses wanted to sponsor the group. The girls spent a lot of time

trying to design a new logo and choose a new color for the shirts. When you have sixteen girls, ages 7-13, offering their ideas, you get sixteen different ideas. Finally the leaders got together, chose a star burst for the logo and purple for the shirt color. When the shirts arrived the girls had mixed emotions about them.

Now they proudly wear their new purple Just Girls T-shirts!

Just Girls Future

Just Girls looks to continue to teach and mentor girls for many years to come. The girl’s long range goal for their group is to become an established and successful group that will be recognized not just locally but throughout the state of Texas and possibly across the United States.